How to apply legal knowledge in our routine life

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How to apply legal knowledge in our routine life


Life can be tough sometimes and there’s no need to make it more complicate than it already is. For example, there are plenty of common things that you can be doing everyday of your life and might be illegal… shocking, right? Well, the true shock comes when you find out that ignoring the written laws does not allow you to break them at will, so it’s better to have some basic knowledge of legal situations that might save you from jail or being mistreated by the authority.

One of the most constant situations that might put you in contact with the police is traffic violations. There are some situations that you don’t have to do because they’re common sense like drinking alcohol and driving or texting while you’re on the wheel, but some situations not that known like wearing earphones while driving are punished as well.

Even if you’re not violating any law while driving, you might get pulled over, so you have to know your rights on how to deal with these episodes without breaking the law and being respectful. First, keep your hands visible at all times, just crank open your window and don’t step out of the vehicle unless ordered. Ask for the cause of your detention, and if everything seems to be nice, ask to leave, no authority is allowed to pull you over and retain you just for fun.

Another important situation that requires some basic legal knowledge is renting. It doesn’t matter if your landlord is a difficult person; they have to grant you some basic rights like electricity or water as clean as if a pro cleaned it. The same goes to your working place, some facts like the inability of your company to reduce your salary, your employer cannot request, ask or even allow you to work overtime, also, they can’t forbid you to discuss some things like salary, benefits, work conditions or other job related issues with your fellow coworkers or treat you as an employee while paying you as a contractor.

There are some nice legal rights that might become perks when you’re traveling by plane. If your flight gets bumped or your luggage delayed you’re entitled to be given cash in compensation instead of flight discounts. You can lock in your fare in advance as well without the need to pay.

But not everything is perks and rights; you have some laws to respect as well in common situations. For instance, you have to be careful with the way you take pictures or videos of places, because you might be disclosing private information about someone else and that’s illegal. On the other hand, an innocent thing like making a meme or posting a video in a social network can be infringing the copyright law if you’re using an image or a song without the consent of the legal authors.

These are just a few situations where basic legal knowledge can save your life. Spread the word and know your rights.