How to do law and legal research

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How to do law and legal research


The humans are not lonely beings, we need company, even of other species which we call pets, we need live in community with other humans and sharing resources, successes and failures, we share work, duties and the logic consequence of it.

But living together in community isn’t a fairytale, some individuals may have the tendency to try to take advantage of the rest, some people would do their will even if that hurts someone else, and there are bad apples who do really bad things, therefore we need rules and those are our legal system.


What is law

Since our purpose as community is to live together in peace, respecting each other, progressing and evolving as a group, each community create its own rules, which are decided either for the majority or by representative or the leader.

Those rules are the laws, law is the system of rules created by the state or a country’s government to regulate and control the behavior of the people who lives or visit that state or country and/or the activities performed in it, in order to reach its the goals.

Depending of the system of government, laws can be created by the majority of citizens or for a small group, they create laws, decrees, statutes, etc., to regulate the life in the country, almost all the countries have an organ in charge to enforce those laws and to punish any failure complaining them.


How to research about law

Each country has it own legal system, but almost all of them have subscribed international agreements like Universal Declaration of Human Rights for example, those international agreements are above the country’s laws, so first, check if the country you’re researching subscribed any of them.

Then you should check the National Constitution of that country, it is a series of statutes that are above all, no law can be pronounced if it is against the Constitution’s statements, then you have different kinds of laws, they have a hierarchy, make sure you know it.

Decrees, regulations, legal precedents, are part of legal system too, you should take in count.

As part of your legal research, you should know about the system of justice too, about the power of judges, what can and can’t they do; lawyers, what can they do, where to find them, you also must know if that country has free legal assistance.

The law shapes every aspect of a country’s life, it serves as a mediator of relations between people who subscribes legally binding contract under it, we all are under its influence and protection, so it is very important to know about as much as possible.