What is law and how it can help you

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What is law and how it can help you


The human race is made of individuals, each one of us unique and special in our own wonderful way, but we live in communities, together and that is how we grow as specie, even the most lonely of us, in some moment of his/her life, needs someone else, the loneliness sometimes can be a sweet source of peace and helps us to clarify our mind and heart, but we aren’t made to be alone all the time.

Living together in community we need to have rules, because all of us have different personalities and skills we need some order to avoid chaos and anarchy, without a set of rules, result of the agreement of the majority in the best case, people will do whatever they want and many would be harmed in many forms, the law of the strongest would rule and that would be a disaster for less strong (but valuable) individuals.


What is law?

Humans live grouped in communities settled in delimited areas named countries, and each one of them had its own set of rules, result of international agreements, and the consensus between government and population. That set of rules are the law of a country, therefore law is a system of rules which is a very complex one.

The laws define the obligations and rights and regulate the behavior of all the individuals living or being temporarily in that particular country, they have a hierarchy and are complementary one with the others forming a system intended to protect us all and secure our happiness and security.


What can laws do for us?

Laws ensure the welfare of all the people who live or are passing through in the country which created those laws, they provide a well received frame for order and justice for all, there are many kinds of laws and they can be classified by their purpose, its hierarchy, and other aspects, but here we have some types of laws according its purpose what is, what they do for us.

Mercantile law, it rules over the commercial aspect of our life, it sets how much we have to pay for taxes or fees, the rules for selling, buying, etc.

Penal law: it rules over the criminal aspect of the country live, protecting us from thieves, murderers and much more.

Civil law, set rules for civil life, marriage, family etc., as well as lawsuits and complaints between civil parts.

Military law, set rules for military life.